Start to Declutter

Finally you are moving houses or is it rooms?? Whatever,it still means that you are required to have a clue of what you want to move with.We all have a tendancy to just bundle all our stuff,and move with it over and over again.And when asked,'what's in that box/drawer/bag?'..the response is always a nonchalant,'some stuff,documents'...

So,to avoid the carrying of 'ghost items',try and set aside time,all prior to moving day to clear out.Actually,it will be a de-clutter time.Where you throw out, the tenth black jacket in the closet..the satchel bag you used during the uni-days,the wooly stuff that's sagging,(because you don't read instructions! It said lie flat,not hang or peg to dry).

How come its so hard to throw away even broken items..the list of these is limitless!!If you are guilty,start to throw things away..One:the broken tricycle/bicycle.., two:the broken stool/ has two/three legs..(it originally had four legs!!)three:car engine/car tyres/car batteries... I roll my eyeballs...I stop there lest I digress.

I really urge all of us,to start de-cluttering with no regrets or remorse.


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